Class Review: Crossfit Canning Town

Hey, I’m Theo, I’m one of the Business Development Team at Fresh Fitness Food. This week I jumped into a lunchtime WOD at CrossFit Canning Town and loved it! 

The box is located within a 1 minute walk from Canning Town Tube Station. CF Canning Town is brand new, meaning I was spoilt with the latest and greatest equipment and an impeccably tidy training environment. 

The box is run by Marina and Ian, who also own CrossFit Bermondsey, which is an equally impressive sister box to CFCT. I absolutely loved the session, find out more below.

What is CrossFit?

In 7 words, CrossFit HQ describe the worldwide movement as ‘Constantly varied functional movement at high intensity’. 

CF Canning Town is CrossFit affiliated, meaning they are an official CrossFit partner and can participate in works and events such as The Open. The class certainly lived up to the statement above. 

Personally, I am relatively new to CrossFit, so it’s always nice to know that the workouts are infinitely scalable, meaning that you can always partake in a ‘scaled’ workout that is adequately aligned to your current level of ability. 

Since starting Crossfit, I can’t stress enough that CrossFit is worlds apart from what you see on Instagram. If your feed is anything like mine, you probably get caught up in a series of reels where you see ripped guys and girls putting a mind-blowing amount of weight above their head or defying the laws of physics whilst performing gymnastic movements. 

The truth is CrossFit is for anyone and everyone, regardless of your current fitness level. The coaching is always hyper-specific and tailored to you which rapidly helps improve your technique and skill set, furthermore, you meet a great community of like minded people – this was plain to see at CF Canning Town. 

The Session

We were coached by Head Coach Rich, who warmed us up and put us though our paces in the WOD. Massive shout out to Rich who really helped me with my form and progression before, during and after the WOD! 

The WOD was heavily focused on skipping and gymnastics, which are both serious weak points in my current CrossFit skill set! 

The warmup was heavily focused on mobility, lots of hollow holds and superman stretches followed by some kipping and hold work on the bar. 

We then moved into skipping technique and tested my double-unders  which are currently non-existent! Rich kindly spent a lot of time with me focusing on my technique and tips that I could takeaway and implement moving forward. 

Polishing that technique


For Time. 16 Minute Time Cap.

15 Doule Unders (DU) & 8 Bar Muscle Ups (BMU)

30 DU, 8 BMU

60 DU, 8 BMU

90 DU, 8 BMU

120 DU, 8 BMU

Skipping: based on ability, I played it safe and stuck with the single-unders, whilst other members flew through double-unders.

Gymnastics/Pull: Again, I played it safe and when for a ring row whilst other members were smashing BMUs! 

My time (scaled): Finished in under 9 minutes. 

Scaled doesn’t mean easy!

The Verdict

  • Sweat = 8/10
  • Endorphins = 9/10
  • DOMS = 8/10
  • Pricing: £25 for a drop in, or memberships starting from £130p/m.
  • Recommendation = 10/10

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