5 Reasons To Try Jai Ho Beer

Foodies and beer lovers around the world proclaim that craft beer offers an incomparable and unique experience superior to the mass-produced rivals that are often referred to as watered down. Jai Ho Midnight is an India Pale Ale (IPA) that features a red/orange pour with a frothy white head, a smooth, citrus aroma and is currently available in numerous cities around the country, causing many craft beer enthusiasts to sit up and take notice.

“The taste of a quality, uniquely different craft beer is what consumers and foodies search for. Jai Ho Midnight IPA is brewed with all-organic ingredients and is slow brewed with crystal clear Scandinavian water, guaranteed to satisfy even the most fastidious of craft beer connoisseurs,” explains  Mel Carroll, chief operating officer of NDN BV, Inc. 

Five reasons why every beer lover should try Jai Ho Midnight IPA:

  1. Jai Ho Midnight IPA is 100 percent organic, made with high-quality barley malt, hops and the crystal clear water from the Scandinavian underground. It has been expertly crafted to make any occasion worth celebrating.
  2. IPA beers are rising in popularity, offering beer lovers something new to explore. Jai Ho Midnight IPA has a unique style and flavor, giving beer lovers and foodies alike a unique and complimentary experience.
  3. Jai Ho Midnight IPA is unfiltered and slow brewed over 49 days. Time is an incredibly important ingredient giving Jai Ho Midnight IPA its’ balanced and perfectly rounded taste.
  4. Bitterness in IPAs range from 40 to 60 IBUs, which is the unit of measurement for bitterness. Jai Ho Midnight IPA is rated IBU 57 therefore is less bitter than other IPAs.
  5. Foodies who want to try something new will find that Jai Ho Midnight IPA is a great option, as it perfectly complements spicy and savory dishes from East to West.

Jai Ho Midnight IPA is currently available in restaurants, bars and fine dining establishments in the following cities and states: Los Angeles, CA – San Francisco, CA – Las Vegas, NV – Northern Virginia and New Jersey.

Coming soon: Jai Ho Midday, a full-bodied lager that features notes of fruit and hops.

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